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About Us

We are a friendly, in-house company based in the UK. Our team of experts specialises in offering US sales tax exemption services for both US and non-US based online resellers. Our primary aim is to provide our clients with sales tax exemption- ensuring that they pay zero sales tax on purchases from their suppliers where no sales tax is applicable. By choosing our service, our clients can expect to save an average of 7% on their gross purchases and see their net profits boosted by 25%. 

In addition to our sales tax exemption service, we also offer:

  • FBA and WFS sales tax filing subscription service

  • Sales tax compliance

  • US LLC/Corporation formation and EIN formation for US and non-US clients. 


Our professional services are available for all those selling on USA based online marketplace spaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, eBay and more. We work with a global clientele of independent sellers as well as automation companies seeking to respond promptly to e-commerce industry transitions.

What is Sales Tax Exemption & Why is it important?

Family Business

RJM started out as a small family-run business. For this reason, our staff have always had a strong sense of commitment to prioritising the success of our clients’ e-commerce businesses. Our experience and understanding of the challenging world of e-commerce has led us to build well-tailored services that meet the needs of our individual clients.

Our vision

Since early 2019, we have been helping individuals and companies around the world to respond to e-commerce industry transitions in order to stay competitive and profitable. Our team of in-house experts always aim to provide the highest standard of professional service. We are constantly evolving in order to maintain this high standard.

Our Essential Services

Sales Tax Exemption Service

Our Sales Tax Exemption Department helps you through the process of becoming sales tax-exempt with the requisite US states. The team applies for sales and use tax accounts on behalf of your business. They then acquire your seller’s permits and produce your resale certificates in order to submit your tax exemption application.

Sales Tax Filing Monthly Subscription

Our Sales Tax Filing Department calculates your sales tax and completes your sales tax returns based on your sales reports on a monthly basis. The team can also help with any backlog, late filing fees or other tax delinquencies you may have acquired along the way.

LLC & EIN Formation

Our LLC & EIN Formation Department helps equip your business with all the necessary paperwork needed for a Sales Tax Exemption application. This arm of the RJM team are experts in the formation of U.S. based LLC, obtaining US business addresses as well as EIN and Articles of Organisation.

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