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We are a UK-based company that specialises in helping both Non-US and US clients become compliant when selling online in the US.
RJM Tax Exemption Is Trusted By Over 5,000 High Growth Businesses.

We are a UK-based company that specialises in helping both Non-US and US clients become compliant when selling online in the US. In 2022 the total e-commerce sales in the US topped $875 Billion and it is only predicted to grow more and more. One of the biggest hurdles people face with selling online is sales tax. Sales tax in the US is one of the most complicated taxes and can become a headache for businesses selling online very quickly!  


Our team of consultants have assisted over 5,000 businesses over the last 5 years. A few of the services we offer include Sales Tax Compliance; US LLC/Corporation Formation and EIN Formation; US Bank Formation; Sales Tax Filing; Sales Tax Exemption. We are an EXCELLENT-rated company on trust pilot with over 300 reviews; you can see what our clients say about us here.


US Business Formation
Sales Tax Exemption
Sales Tax Compliance & Filing


5 Star Reviews on TrustPilot


Years of Experience


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Professional Consultants

RJM started as a small family-run business. For this reason, our staff have always had a strong sense of commitment to prioritising the success of our clients’ e-commerce businesses. Our experience and understanding of the challenging world of e-commerce have led us to build well-tailored services that meet the needs of our clients.


Since early 2019 we have helped individuals and companies around the world respond to e-commerce industry transitions to stay competitive and profitable. Our team of in-house experts aim to provide the highest standard of professional service. 

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Reuben is UK based and with an interesting journey history. Having studied physiotherapy at university, Reuben worked in the healthcare profession before qualifying as a High School Science teacher, where he worked for 5 years. While being a teacher, Reuben began working on his own e-Commerce business and his knowledge expanded.


Building strong foundations for your business from the start

Initially, we had branched out to start our own e-Commerce business in the USA and we were hit with the same hurdles as everyone else: The USA tax code and all its complexities. We had multiple calls with lawyers, accountants, the state department of revenues and face-to-face bank meetings, who often provided contradictory advice and needed to gain knowledge of international individuals selling online in the USA through marketplaces. 


After significant time and research, we had individuals who, unaware on how to remain tax compliant while selling in the USA, reach out to us in search of advice. RJM Tax Exemption began from here. Initially, we were working with around 10 clients a month and 3 staff members – today we work with over 3,000 different businesses worldwide and a team of 20 staff members.

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