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Reuben Mattinson

CEO & Founder 


Reuben James Mattinson, the CEO, is UK based with an interesting journey history - having studied Physiotherapy at university, Reuben worked in the healthcare profession before qualifying as a High School science teacher, where he worked for 5 years. While working as a teacher, Reuben branched out to start his own e-Commerce business in the USA and learnt of all the obstacles of the USA tax code and all its complexities. Throughout this journey, Reuben had individuals who were in the same boat, reach out to him in search of advice. RJM Tax Exemption began from there. Initially, RJM was working with around 10 clients a month and 3 staff members - today RJM oversees over 3,000 different businesses all over the world with a team of 20+ staff members.

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