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Welcome to RJM Tax Exemption - We hope you have a great experience with us.

Sales Tax Filing Onboarding

You have recently received our onboarding email, which led you to this link! Kindly go through the following information as this page has been designed to aid you through your onboarding process.

- Here you will find instructions on how to fill out your google spreadsheet. If you had your Sales Tax Exemption completed by us, we will have all your login information in the system. If you are coming to us for bookkeeping but already have Sales and Use Tax accounts active with the necessary states, kindly provide all login information.

- Once we have all the necessary information, an RJM consultant will be assigned to your account and will work on your sales tax returns monthly. They will contact you via email monthly with an account update post-completion of your tax returns.


-We will ask that you provide us access to your sales reports so we can accurately calculate your taxes and submit your returns monthly. Please note that the sales tax filing deadline is the 20th of every month, and returns are filed for the previous month (e.g. January tax period is filed for in February; February tax period is filed for in March, and so on). 

- If you have any questions, take a look at our detailed FAQs page, as this may be able to answer your questions. If still in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact our admin team on

- Below you can find instructional videos which explain how you can provide us access to your sales reports:

  * If you have an Amazon store, click here.

  * If you have a Walmart store, click here.

  * If you have a Facebook store, click here.

  * If you have a Shopify store, click here.

  * For any other stores, please contact our admit team on and they will be           happy to assist you. 

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Thank you for choosing RJM Tax Exemption - We look forward to working with you. 

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