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Can you set up my company so I don't have to pay sales tax when purchasing products for resale?

Yes- 100%. It will be set up so your customers pay the sales tax when purchasing from you.

How much money can I save becoming sales tax exempt?

Our clients save an average of 7% on all gross purchases and can expect to increase their net profits by 25%. For example, if you purchased $20,000 of products in one month, you could expect to save an average of $1400 during that month alone.

Can I become sales tax exempt as a sole proprietor without a US company?

Yes- you can become sales tax exempt with all U.S. states just the same as with an LLC or Corporation.

Can you make me/my company sales tax exempt with any supplier?

Yes, we are able to do this for you- just so long as the supplier allows sales tax exemption, the vast majority of which do (95%). Examples of some well-known suppliers that allow tax exemption are; Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Home Depot, Zoro and Sportsman’s Guide.

Can you calculate and file all of my e-commerce company's sales tax automatically?

Yes - We can do all of this for you by way of a ‘hands off’ service

I'm a non-US international citizen. Can you still get me/my company sales tax exempt?

Yes - Our exemption team are specially trained in dealing with international clients and have worked with clients all over the world.

Do I need an SSN to become sales tax exempt?

No you don't. An EIN or ITIN can be used instead.

Can you help me get an EIN?

Yes- we can obtain this for both US and non-US clients.

Can you form me a US LLC or Corporation if I'm a non-US citizen?

Yes- all you will need is an EIN and your general business information.

Can you form me/my company a full US bank account if I'm a non-US citizen?

Yes, we can do this for non-US and US citizens- all you will need is a passport, EIN and a US LLC or Corporation.

Do I need a Walmart or Amazon account set up before I start my exemptions?

Not Necessarily - You can work on your Tax Exemption alongside setting up your store: Because Sales and Use Tax exemption takes 2-4 weeks for completion, you may be already exempt by the time your store is active.

How soon will I be onboarded once payment has been submitted?

You will be emailed and onboarded within 48 hrs of purchase, usually sooner.

I am currently working with an automation company- how will this affect the process? 

We have various packages tailored to the individual automation company’s needs-These can be found in our plans and prices section.

How do you keep all my personal information secure?

We abide by strict data protection procedures and store all client information on the secure platform of Google sheets. The client alone can access his/her information by logging into their personal email and by using their personal password – this is also the case for our staff. 

Data can be deleted as soon as we’ve applied. This only takes a few days from when the client submits their information. We have dealt with 3000 plus clients all over the world and have never had a security breach or data leak. 


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